the American Dream and ‘the Great Gatsby’

The Great Gatsby pessimistically critiques the American Dream through highlighting that it has been corrupted into a shallow pursuit of material gains. Fitzgerald presents this through the characters of Gatsby, and Myrtle and George Wilson, who corroborate that America is not a meritocracy. Despite the fact that they all fit the criteria of the American… Continue reading the American Dream and ‘the Great Gatsby’


Surburbia: a Poem

Hanging from dead tree branches in the middle of the street. Just another surburban whose faceless body smashed to splinters while searching for answers in the holes of the earth. Windless evenings become boring while flying high in the air. ______________________________________ Want to see more of me? Twitter @alyyssamaree Instagram @alyssaslittlecorner Tumblr @alyssaslittlecorner Previous Post:… Continue reading Surburbia: a Poem

Book Reviews

Book Review: Palm Trees and Rain by Natasha Dubalia

Natasha Dubalia's debut poetry book, Palm Trees and Rain, is a simplistic and effortless poetry book that displays a collection of thoughts through four seasons: "summer is goosebumps, autumn is falling, winter is rain, spring is growing" (from Palm Trees and Rain). If you are a fan of Rupi Kaur's poetry collections, you are sure to like… Continue reading Book Review: Palm Trees and Rain by Natasha Dubalia

Book Reviews

Book Review: Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner

"Hold on to your heart, this book will wreck you, fix you, and most definitely change you" - Becky Albertalli The last text Carver Briggs ever sent to his best friends, Mars, Blake and Eli, was one that killed them in a terrible car crash. The car collided into a truck while Mars was checking… Continue reading Book Review: Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner


Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ Through a Feminist Lens

When examined through a feminist lens, it is evident that the 1960s thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Psycho, explores the gender roles of the 1950s-1960s. The audience observes how the female and male genders both support and challenge patriarchal views through characters Marion Crane and Norman Bates and how they interact with their surroundings, as well… Continue reading Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ Through a Feminist Lens