BIG Haul! Mimco, Mecca, Glassons and More!

Hello my lovely readers! How are you?

It’s now school holidays, which means I have even more time to go shopping and spend money (which isn’t necessarily a good thing)! I’m going to try and not spend too much these holidays, so this might be the only haul I do!


NYX Colourful Eyeliner – Target

I’m not too sure what sparked up my sudden taste for colourful eyeliner, but I really wanted to buy some! I got a baby yellow and dark purple, and they’re very cute. I can’t wait to wear them! If you would like to see a makeup look using them, let me know in the comments!


By Terry Rose Lip Balm – Mecca Maxima

You might remember me receiving a sample of this lip balm in my Autumn Beauty Loop Box (click here to see that post). I finally got the guts to go and splurge on it, and I am not regretting it! It’s the best lip balm I have ever used. It’s extremely moisturising, lightweight, and smells amazing!


Wallet Phone Case – Mimco

Mimco was having a sale, so I decided to go in and get a phone case while they were cheaper than usual. I got the colour ‘orange sorbet,’ even though it’s more of a peachy colour that goes great with the rose gold iPhone! I’m quite clumsy, so I’d been meaning to go out and get a sturdy phone case like this since I bought my phone back in April!


Socks – Cotton on Body

I lack cute socks, so I went to Cotton on Body and got these adorable ones that I can wear with my Dr Martens! The first pair are light blue with clouds and rainbows and are probably my favourite, but I still love the purple ones with bananas too!

So, that was all I bought! Let me know in the comments if you like any of these items, and if you would like to know more about them, don’t be afraid to ask! Also, we’re less than 30 followers away from 100! How exciting is that??

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Alyssa Maree xx


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