Mecca Winter Beauty Loop Unboxing!

Hello my lovely readers! How are you?

A couple of weeks ago Mecca announced their winter edit of the Beauty Loop box. I am a level 1 member (level 1 is the lowest, level 2 is middle and level 3 is the highest), so I received a small box full of samples of their favourite winter products!

Like I did for the autumn beauty loop box, I decided to do an unboxing and tell you my thoughts on the products! I had already used two of the products previous to receiving this box, so I knew exactly how well they worked.


The first product I received was a sample of the NuFace Prep-N-Glow exfoliator and hydrator. I had never used this before, and was keen to try it! First you use the smooth side of the wipe to clean your skin and remove any excess oil or makeup, and then you turn the wipe over and exfoliate using the bumpy side. It’s such an easy, efficient way to exfoliate; not to mention it’s very gentle and soothing on your skin!

Price: $28 (pack of 20)
Would I recommend? Definitely!

The next product is a mini version of the Too Faced melted liquid lipstick. I found this very interesting, as I had never seen lipstick in a tube before. I was not disappointed though, because this lipstick is great! It gives an almost matte look, and keeps your lips moisturised at the same time. I received it in the colour chihuahua, which is a very nice pinkish-nude.

Price: $30
Would I recommend? If you would like to try something new, then yes!

The third product is one I have used in the past, but wouldn’t rebuff because of how dear the price is. It is the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel, which is a two-step exfoliator in the form of wipes. I found that the citric acid in these wipes also helps remove acne scarring with repetitive use, and after consistently using them for a couple of weeks you can really tell a difference!

Price: $128 (for a 30 pack)
Would I recommend? If you can afford to continually purchase this, then certainly! Otherwise, I would just buy a cheaper exfoliator. It might not do the same job, but it’ll be more savvy for you!

And last but not least, I was sent a sample of the Frank Body original coffee scrub! I have already used this before, and I love it to bits! It’s a tough body scrub that leaves your body smelling like coffee and feeling amazing. It’s very affordable, and lasts ages! The one I had lasted five months, so it’s definitely bang for your buck!

Price: $16.95
Would I recommend? 100% yes!

Did you enjoy this unboxing? Let me know in the comments! Also, feel free to tell me if you like the sound of any of these products, or if you’ve used them! I love hearing from you =)

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Alyssa Maree xx


Twitter @alyyssamaree

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