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Review: Too Faced Peanut Butter and Honey Eyeshadow Palette


Hello my lovely readers! How are you?

(I’m so sorry, I was meant to post this ages ago but completely forgot!)

Too Faced has released a new, limited edition eyeshadow palette called Peanut Butter and Honey. Since Too Faced is one of my favourite brands, I bought it because I was very keen on testing it out. So, here’s a thorough review containing all the pros, cons, and my thoughts on this cute little palette!

Packaging: The PB&H palette comes in a yellow box which is in the pattern of honeycomb. It has a cute slice of bread, which is covered in peanut butter. The palette looks pretty much the same as the box, with the honeycomb and bread on the front and a little message on the back. I think this is super cute and leaves a good first impression on the buyer.

The palette also came with three eyeshadow looks inside, along with instructions. It’s great that Too Faced assist the buyer with suggestions as to how they can make the most of the palette!


Shade Range: The PB&H palette comes is a variety of warm tones, ranging from pinks to yellows, browns to cherry purples. It’s a nice variety, and the colours don’t stray too far from each other so all of them still work well together while creating a look. There are two glittery shades, two shimmery shades and five matte shades. They also have really cute names, such as Feeling Nutty, Bee’s Knees, Honey Buns, etc.

Texture: The shadows are a smooth powder that blend really easily, and go on the eyelid without trouble.

*with flash*

Pigmentation: Unfortunately, I did not find most of these colours to be very pigmented, and I really had to pack it on to get a decent swatch. I do believe that they will be more pigmented with eye primer and by using a fair bit of product, however I am disappointed that they aren’t as pigmented as I hoped. Also, I found that the glittery shades do not show off very much glitter, which is another downfall of this palette.

Lasting power: I worn a couple of these shades out for the whole day, and I have found that when I return home the eyeshadow looks as good as it did when I first applied it! I always use eye primer, and most of the time setting spray, so I’m not sure how well these will last without the little extra help. Knowing Too Faced, it will most likely last all of the day!

Price: This palette isn’t extremely expensive, but it isn’t very cheap, either. Retailing at $52, this is one of the cheaper palettes that Too Faced sells. Although I do really like this palette, I’m not sure if it’s worth the expense. If you don’t have the money to spare but still want to buy a Too Faced eyeshadow palette, I recommend you save a little more and buy one of the Chocolate Bar palettes or the Sweet Peach palette.

Although this palette is adorable and has beautiful, warm colours, it’s pigmentation is a let down. Although it is much better with the assistance of an eye primer, with such a pricey palette you would expect it to be highly pigmented anyway. I neither recommend or don’t recommend this palette, I sit in the middle.

If you were contemplating buying the PB&H palette, hopefully this post has helped you make your decision! It has it’s ups and downs, but ultimately you get to decide if this is something you would like to invest in.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Alyssa Maree💖

Twitter @alyyssamaree

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